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Built in 1846 with what appears at first glance to be a western bell cote.  There is in fact no arch to contain a bell.


One bell hung for swing chiming in a cantilevered frame on the north wall of the vestry.  The headstock extends through the wall and the bell is chimed from within.  The previous bell weighted 1-1-0 and was uninscribed.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 John Taylor of Loughborough 1985 1-0-6 16.875"  


The bell has the oblong "John Taylor Loughboro" badge on the waist.

Frame and Fittings

Steel cantilevered frame with bar headstock extending through into the vestry.  Ball bearings.


ARA February 2010

GAD - details of bells.