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Built in 1864 by J Lowe.


Three steel bells.  The treble is hung for full circle ringing and the other two for swing chiming.  Poppleton indicates that the two original bell metal bells, which must have hung in the previous church, were sold - whether for recasting or to be hung elsewhere is not clear.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 Naylor Vickers of Sheffield 1864   26"  
2 Naylor Vickers of Sheffield 1864   24"  
3 Naylor Vickers of Sheffield 1864   24"  


List of


STAVELEY  (All Saints). Three bells.

These are steel bells, by Naylor, Vickers & Co., of Sheffield, and were hung in 1864, in place of two old metal bells, which were sold.

Frame and Fittings

The treble has a wooden headstock, full wheel, stay and slider and is in every sense hung traditionally for full circle ringing.  Bells 2 and 3 are hung from metal headstocks with small metal wheels and, though they could be swung right up, are best described as being hung for swing-chiming. The frame is wooden and the whole installation appears to date from the building of the church in 1864.  The mystery is why one bell should be hung differently from the others.


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