masham St Mary  SE 227807

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A large medieval church with broad west tower.  The lower parts of the tower are Norman with a new bell stage added in the late fourteenth century with an octagonal top and tall spire.


Ten bells hung for full circle ringing.  Until the 1998 augmentation there were eight bells.  The front three cast by Warners are now the trebles of six at Kirklington.  These were replaced and five new bells cast to make a peal of ten.  The new bells were cast to profiles to match the Harrison bells - some have questioned whether this has been successful in matching the tone of the old bells.  The old bells received some corrective tuning during the restoration.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 Whitechapel 1998 5-0-7   A#
2 Whitechapel 1998 5-0-15   G#
3 Whitechapel 1998 5-2-23   F#
4 Whitechapel 1998 5-3-24   E#
5 Whitechapel 1998 6-1-23   D#
6 J Harrison I 1766 7-1-0   C#
7 J Harrison I 1766 7-3-17   B
8 J Harrison I 1766 8-3-17   A#
9 J Harrison I 1766 11-1-10   G#
10 J Harrison I 1766 13-1-23   F#



Frame and Fittings

The original eight bell frame is still in situ at the base of the octagon.  The new cast iron frame and modern fittings are in the upper part of the square stage and were all supplied new in 1998 by Whitechapel.


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