LEEDS White Cloth Hall  SE 303333

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The third building in Leeds to be built for the sale of White Cloth.  It was built in 1775 though the cupola was brought from the second White Cloth Hall when it was demolished in 1786. The building was drastically reduced in size when the North Eastern Railway viaduct sliced it in two.  This necessitated the building of a fourth White Cloth Hall. The building was restored in 1991 to its present use as two shops and a restaurant.  It was at this time that the small bell was installed in the cupola.


The single bell is struck by an internal electric clock hammer - though it is rarely at the correct time if it indeed sounds at all.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 John Taylor of Loughborough 1990 1-1-22 18"  


Frame and Fittings

Hung from a small girder mounted across the cupola.


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