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By A B Higham in 1851.  Large church with west tower.


Two bells: one hung for stationary chiming and the other, the bell from the earlier chapel of ease, as a clock bell.  Formerly there were 8 tubular bells.  The clock bell is a very peculiar shape and this is reflected in its peculiar tone!  Contrastingly the larger bell is of very good tone. Both bells retain their canons.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 John Martin of Worcester 1650 9-2-12 38.5" A flat / G
Clock Unknown Local(?) 1822 2.5 cwt 21.875" A flat

The larger bell (pictured below) was installed in 1996 by Arthur Berry.  It is a redundant bell from St Giles, Sheldon near Birmingham which was removed from their remodelled ring in 1992. Before retuning the bell weighed 9-3-13.


1:    SOLI DEO GLORIA PAX HOMINIBVS  IG  WG  1650 (vine border, John Martin's large heart mark, vine border)

The letter G in the initials are both inverted and the N is reversed.

Clock:    ALEX:WHALLEY  
           CHAPEL WARDENS  
                    A.D 1822

Frame and Fittings

The clock bell hangs from a wooden headstock with drive in gudgeons and the remains of a full wheel.  It hangs between two timbers which are supported at their ends by further beams built up from the floor. It has a clock hammer and the clapper is still inside though the bell is so close to the floor that it cannot swing freely.

The chiming bell hangs from a wooden deadstock on two steel girders.  It has an internal pear shaped clapper the rope from which runs down to the ground floor choir vestry.


A two train clock by Gillett [and Bland] restored by Potts of Leeds in 1949.


Information from Chris Pickford - email 01/08/2005
Andrew Aspland visited August 2010
RWMC notes in Diocesan Office.