leeds St Cyprian with St James (Harehills)  SE 326348

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Built in 1958 to replace an earlier "temporary" church building dedicated to St Cyprian. St James, York Street, Leeds closed down in the 1950s and the organ, altar, pulpit and lectern were transferred to St Cyprian's - as indeed were the congregation! A member of that congregation thought that there was no bell at St James and in any case the bell at the new church predates even that building.

A number of churches in Leeds were closed in the 1950s but none of them was as old as the bell at St Cyprian's. Unless the archives can produce any further information the origin of this bell must remain a mystery.


A single bell hung for swing chiming in the west tower.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1   1787 1.5cwt 19.25" C


The bell is simply inscribed with the date 1787.

Frame and Fittings

The bell has lost its canons and is hung from a metal headstock by a single bolt through the crown.  A lever is attached to the headstock and a cable runs upwards, over a pulley, down behind the organ, over another pulley and into the vestry beneath - it does work! The frame is made up of various pieces of angle iron attached directly to the floor.


ARA October 2011