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Perpendicular church with earlier west tower.


Six bells hung for full-circle ringing.  In 1896 Taylors of Loughborough recast bells 1, 4 and 6 and retuned the others.  The treble was by G Dalton 1750, the fourth also by G Dalton but 1779 and the tenor an early sixteenth century York bell.  They rehung the bells on new fittings including cast-iron headstocks with plain bearings.  In 1926 Gillett and Johnston of Croydon recast the second (formerly an 1825 Thomas Mears bell) and rehung the six bells in an eight bell frame.  At this time the plain bearings were replaced with ball bearings.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 John Taylor of Loughborough 1896 4.2.0 27.5" E
2 Gillett and Johnston of Croydon 1926 4.3.21 28.3125" D
3 George Dalton of York 1763 4.2.7 29.9375" C
4 John Taylor of Loughborough 1896 5.0.18 31.3125" B
5 William Oldfield of York 1623 7.0.11 33.5" A
6 John Taylor of Loughborough 1896 10.0.7 38.9375 G

The tenor bell.


Treble: GLORIA IN ALTISSIMIS DEO 1750 [ornament]
            G Dalton Ebor [repeated all round]

2nd:    GILLETT & JOHNSTON, CROYDON.      [G&J mongram]
                [arcaded border all round]
            J. HARLAND CH WARDEN                       RECAST 1926
            T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1825                    2

3rd:     GLORIA IN ALTISSIMIS DEO 1763 [ornament]
            G Dalton Ebor [repeated all round]

4th:      GEO DALTON YORK FOUNDER 1779 [ornament]

5th:      IESVS BE OVR SPEED 1623

Tenor:    + Sancta Katerena OraPronobis

Frame and Fittings

H pattern frame of iron and steel by Gillett and Johnston for eight bells.  Cast iron headstocks and all modern gear.


A three train clock by Potts of Leeds 1896.  The clock sounds ting-tang quarters on bells one and four with the hours struck on the tenor (these are the three Taylor bells from 1896).


ARA 2006

RWMC 1984