croft  St Peter  NZ 289099

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Large medieval church with south west tower the lower part of which is Norman.


Three bells hung for swing chiming - though only a lack of stays and sliders and unusually positioned pulleys prevent them being ringable.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 Peter Wood of Thirsk 1699   27.5" C#
2 Pack and Chapman of London 1780   c28.75" B
3 Samuel I Smith 1672 5.3.10 33.0625" A


1:    iesus be our speed tb ir it tc 1699

2:    PACK & CHAPMAN OF LONDON FECERUNT 1780 [ornament]

3:    venite exvltemvs domino 1672 [ornament] TH:RW WS:RN CHVRCHWARDENS

Frame and Fittings

Softwood frame with metal strengthening.  Wooden headstocks, ball bearings, full wheels - no stays or sliders.


A two train late twentieth century clock comprising a synchronous motor and direct motor drive striking unit.


ARA September 2009.