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An un-aisled nave and lower chancel with western bell-cote.  Some Norman work in evidence. 


Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 C & G Mears 1856   20"  


List of

Frame and Fittings

Metal bar headstock and lever.


COPGROVE (St. Michael). One bell.

This was given by the late Squire of Copgrove Hall about 1840.

“Depositions from York Castle.

“January 14th, 1654-5. Before Martin Iles, Alderman, and Francis Allanson, of Leeds.

“Thomas Baxter, of Copgrove, saith that on or about the 24th day of December last (being the Lord's Day) hee, being clerk of the church of Copgrove and having the keyes of the church doore, missed a Bell which he verily beeleeveth at that tyme or at some tyme the weeke beefore was stollen out of the said church steeple, in regard he then found the said church doore unlocte and the lock bended, which the Sunday beefore he had lockt. Having informacon that a bell was to be sould at Leeds, and mistrusting it to be the stollen bell, he repaired thither, and coming to the howse of one Francis Powell there, to whom he heard the bell was sould, found there severall peeces of a bell which he verily beeleeveth was parte of the same bell soe stollen; in regard the smith lately beefore lyeing a band of iron upon the said bell, some parte thereof was broken of thereby, which he, bringing alonge with him and joyneing and compareing the same with the other peeces in Powell's possession, found it just to supply and fill upp the place out of which it was broken, and as he verily beeleeveth the words ‘Michaell th’archangell’ was engraven upon the said bell.

“[Note:-The bell at Copgrove Church is stolen. The buyer says that he purchased the pieces of Robert Sawrey and Elizabeth Watson, at 4d. per pound. Watson denies this, and says that the fragments were bought at Bolton or Tickhill Castle. Subsequently the woman confesses that the proper name of Sawry is Barnard Bumpus, that he is her father-in-law, and that she heard him say the bell was stolen from Copgrove.]” (Surtees Society, xl, 67.)


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