bowes  St Giles  NY 993135

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Essentially a late medieval church with some surviving Norman work.  The exterior was restored in1865.


Two bells hung for swing chiming in a west cote.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1   1664 2-3-24 24.5"  
2 Bradwell of Richmond 1828 3-3-19 25.5"  


Treble:    SVSEI  EB  RVO  DEEPS  4661  FIT  IG ....   [i.e. JESUS BE OUR SPEED 1664 with some initials]

Tenor:    BRADWELL 1828

Frame and Fittings

Hung from wooden headstocks with metal chiming levers, pulleys and rope chutes.  The larger bell also has a clock hammer.


Two train clock by Potts of Leeds in 1897 driving a dial on the west wall and striking the hours on the tenor.


ARA 2005

RWMC 1984