boroughbridge St James  SE 397665

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The previous church was rebuilt in 1852 by architects Mallinson and Healey though fragments of a late Norman doorway exist.


Six bells hung for full circle ringing.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 Mears and Stainbank 1870 4-2-7 29.325" D
2 Mears and Stainbank 1870 5-1-20 31.75" C
3 Mears and Stainbank 1870 6-1-3 33.875" B flat
4 Mears and Stainbank 1870 7-0-24 35.5" A
5 Mears and Stainbank 1870 9-0-5 39" G
6 Mears and Stainbank 1870 12-3-22 43.25" F


List of


BOROUGHBRIDGE (St. James). Six bells.

1.    Psalm cv. 4 “Seek”

2.    Psalm cv. 4 “The Lord”

3.    Psalm cv. 4 “Seek”

4.    Psalm cv. 4 “His strength”

5.    Psalm cv. 4 “His Face”

6.    Psalm cv. 4 “Evermore”

       This peal of 6 Bells given by Angela G. Burdett Coutts A.D. 1870 in memory of her Father being elected Member of Parliament for Boroughbridge 1796.

These inscriptions are all on the waists of the bells. On the shoulder of each is:

  Mears & Stainbank Founders London 1870


There were formerly three bells here:

1.              Sancti Jacobi mentis precibus Deus audi nos  1557

2.              Jhesus be our spede  1598

3.    Dated 1609, and bearing the Tancred crest-an olive tree fructed.

These were recast in 1842, and another added by subscription.

Frame and Fittings

The bells formerly hung at the top of the tower in a wooden frame and fittings largely dating from their installation in 1870.  In 2004 the bells were retuned and rehung lower down the tower in a new steel frame, built by John Hallett, with new fittings supplied by the Whitechapel bellfoundry.


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