bilton St John the Evangelist  SE 304570

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Built in 1855 by Sir George Gilbert Scott.  Large church with west tower.  The octagonal interior at roof level and the rather unfinished appearance suggest that a spire was planned.


One bell hung for ringing though currently struck with an Ellacombe type hammer.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 John Taylor of Loughborough 1856 12-2-19 44" F-22

[A bell by W Oldfield c1610 had been ascribed incorrectly to this church - the bell in question is at Bilton in Ainsty in the York Diocese.]


+ John Taylor and Son Founders Loughborough 1856

Frame and Fittings

Apart from the addition of an Ellacombe hammer all the rest of the gear appears to date from 1856 and remains largely unchanged.

Wooden frame across south side of tower - there is a centre post and two end posts but no diagonal bracing.  Wooden headstock, hoop gudgeons, plain bearings, stay and slider and full wheel all presumably by Taylors in 1856.  The clapper has a very small flight of unusual shape (below left) and the plain bearings have unusual glass oil reservoirs (below right) which comprise a glass bottle with stopper and needle inverted over a wooden block which sits over the bearing brass. An Ellacombe hammer is mounted on the floor.



Yorkshire The West Riding - Nikolas Pevsner and Enid Ratcliffe [2nd edition]

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