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Built in 1818-19 with large west tower.


Three bells hung for full circle ringing.  These are the largest remaining work by Bradwell of Richmond - and one has to be thankful that he had no greater ambition.  The tone of these bells is truly unique and defies description.  Needless to say their unusual shape has not produced bells of good tonal quality. (See the tenor pictured below inverted for ringing.)

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 Bradwell 1824   24.3125" G + 13
2 Bradwell 1824   29.0625" D + 48
3 Bradwell 1824   33.75" A - 10


The tenor is dated 1824.

Frame and Fittings

Having noted the unusual design of the bells it is surprising that the fittings are so conventional.  If the garter holes were correctly positioned then they would be reasonably ringable.  Wooden headstocks, plain bearings, traditional stays and sliders and two piece wheels.  Well built wooden frame. The tenor has a clock hammer.


A two-train clock mechanism by Gillett and Bland of Croydon, 1876, is located in the first floor ringing room.


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