LEEDS Thornton's Arcade  SE 303337

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This, the first of Leeds's famous Arcades, was built in 1877-8 by Charles Thornton.  At the west end is a clock with animated figures which "strike" the bells with their fists.  The bells are in fact sounded by external clock hammers behind the bells.  The figures are Robin Hood, Friar tuck, Richard the Lionheart and Gurth the Swineherd.


There are five bells hung for stationary chiming by the clock.  They were recast in 1927. The scrapping weights were 0-1-3, 0-1-11, 0-1-19, 1-0-17, 2-3-10, and 5-0-4.  The new bells were cast without canons and this explains the rather inelegant brackets that were used to suspend the bells at the correct height for the figures.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 John Taylor of Loughborough 1927 0-1-0 10.5" G#
2 John Taylor of Loughborough 1927 0-1-8 11.5" F#
3 John Taylor of Loughborough 1927 0-1-18 12.5" E
4 John Taylor of Loughborough 1927 1-0-2 17" B
5 John Taylor of Loughborough 1927 2-3-18 24.5" E


The clock was made by Wm Potts and Sons of  Leeds in 1877.  It strikes the Cambridge Quarters


Frame and Fittings

The bells hang from individual brackets suspended from the ceiling and each has a clock hammer 180 from the viewer.


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Taylor bellfoundry records.