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Numbering follows that in Poppleton's Church Bells of the West Riding (From the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal) which has been adopted and extended by George Dawson in his "County" books.  

Smith Family of York

Casting bells for nearly a century from c1635 to 1731 at the Toft Green foundry in York: the bells cast by this family are noted for their decorative inscriptions and ornamental friezes.  Inscriptions are typically in Latin with several set phrases, such as GLORIA IN ALTISSIMIS DEO, which identify the founder. Capitals are used throughout and are about three quarters of an inch tall.

Inscriptions appear in the inscription band and often there is further ornament below.

Images are from Poppleton's Church Bells of the West Riding (YAJ), George Dawson's County books (GAD), Dennis Greenwood's Wakefield Diocese bells (DG), and from Andrew Aspland's own collection of photographs and plaster casts (AA).

No. 1 (GAD DG YAJ)


No. 2 (GAD DG YAJ AA[Allerton Mauleverer Treble])



No. 4 (GAD DG YAJ AA[Kirkby Ravensworth Treble])




No. 89 (GAD AA[Hornby Treble] AA[Allerton Mauleverer Treble])


The centre part of this ornament has been used as an infill between words.


No. 90 (GAD DG)



No. 96 (GAD AA[Kirkby Ravensworth Treble])


No. 133 (GAD)

No. 134 (GAD)

This is a composition of half of No. 4, half of No. 223(?), No. 2, half of No. 223(?), and half of No. 4.


No. 223 (GAD DG)


No. 254 (GAD)


No. ??? (AA[Hutton Bonville old bell])